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Live from the Studio

Game of Art

I’ve been at work on the Game of Art, a transformation of the meta-instructional Library of Art – inspired now by the visual design of wheel charts (volvelles) and Parcheesi game boards, as well as by algorithms and recipes, Surrealist games, Fluxus event scores, instructional works and the legalistic descriptive captions of conceptual art (the work of Barry, Cage, Kaprow, Knowles, Lozano, Ono, Weiner and others). By reanimating instructional art in the form of a game, the new hope is pit the imaginary against the real and see who wins.

The original Library of Art categories were: Material, Process, Structure, Action, Situation, Duration, and Color. I’m adding new categories to help the game catch up with the needs of contemporary art making: Subject, Style, Antagonism, Post-Production, and Rules. The game is still in process but you can take a peek at all the permutations & categories in the giant PDF poster version I debuted at Conflux last fall.

Game of Art Poster [PDF]