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Digital Monochromes (BA80A)

BAD80A is part of a new series of books and other digital monochromes, which explore what happens to color as it moves from the digital to the material and back again. Color exists as linguistic code (“BAD80A” is the hexidecimal notation used to produce a yellow-green color on a web page), as a pattern of LCD subpixels (mixing shades of red, green, and blue into millions of visible colors), and as inks, dyes, and paints (BAD80A is roughly the equivalent of Pantone’s PMS 382c ink mixing formula). As color moves in and out of the digital realm matches are imperfect and subtle flaws in translation are inevitable. Printers cannot produce a perfect, flat monochrome. One set of instructions produces varying results.

The desire here is to investigate the simultaneous materiality and immateriality of color and at the same time to push deep into the heart of anti-original impulse (information-as-copy) which is at the core of the digital.