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Resources on the Relational Debate

I’ve been collecting & rereading material related to Bourriaud’s Relational Aesthetics, Grant Kester’s Conversation Pieces, and Claire Bishop’s critiques. Here’s a short web-accessible reading list which will likely be expanded periodically. The original version of this list was appended to a post I made back in January on the IDC list.

Claire Bishop, Antagonism and Relational Aesthetics

Claire Bishop, The Social Turn

Claire Bishop, Socially Engaged Art, an Interview with Claire Bishop by Jennifer Roche

Nicholas Bourriaud from Relational Aesthetics

Nicholas Bourriaud glossary from Relational Aesthetics

Nichola Bourriaud and Karen Moss interview

Lucas Ihlein – blog

Sarah James, The Ethics of Aesthetics

Grant Kester, Dialogical Aesthetics

Lars Bang Larsen, Social Aesthetics

Darren O’Donnell Greasing the Glue (includes criteria for beautiful civic engagement)

Darren O’Donnell Haircuts by Children interview

Jacques Ranciere, Art of the Possible – interview

Radical Culture Research Collective A Very Short Critique of Relational Aesthetics

Sal Randolph, Notes on Social Architectures as Artforms

Judith Rodenbeck – The Open Work; Participatory Art Since Silence – mp3 of talk

Judith Rodenbeck – The Open Work; Participatory Art Since Silence – text

Trebor Scholz The Participatory Challenge

Randall Szott – Leisurearts blog discussion of Bishop/Kester etc – runs over several posts – start here

See also: del.icio.us/salrandolph/relationalaesthetics