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Game of Art at Game Night

I’m delighted bring the Game of Art to Game Night at Denny Gallery.

Denny Gallery
261 Broome Street, NY
October 18, 2016
6:30-9:30 PM

Game Night #5 will explore the theme of language with artists Sal Randolph, Chloe Bass, Sharang Biwas, and Max Seidman. Game Night, generously hosted by Denny Gallery, is organized by Anna Harsanyi and Sheetal Prajapati.

The Game of Art

The Game of Art is an instructional artwork exploded into an atomic state and reimagined as a game. Could there be a system that expressed every possible artwork as its instruction? A vast library of possibilities? Players in the Game of Art take on shifting roles as “artists” and “critics,” pitting themselves against each other in an attempt to imagine new possible and impossible works of art.

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