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Chalet Society, Paris 1-18-14

Fix Your Eyes Right Here

ESTAR (SER) to appear with Family Business at Chalet Society in Paris
January 18, 2014
8pm – 9pm  

Family Business invites visiting representatives of the research consortium known as The Esthetical Society for Transcendental and Applied Realization (now incorporating The Society for Esthetical Realizers) to present a conjuring lecture/ performance.

On this special occasion, Sal Randolph and D. Graham Burnett will reanimate the eccentric stagecraft of an American original: Inyard Kip Ketchem, also known, during his vagabond years riding the carnival circuit in the early twentieth century, as Doctor Ketch’em, Professor Katch’em, The Amazing Mr. Ketch, Yardarm von Kip, Inyard “Eagle-Eye” Kip-Katch, and under a number of other sobriquets.

Documents recently surfaced by members of the Editorial Committee of ESTAR open an idiosyncratic window onto the career of this vaudeville philosopher, who rose to considerable celebrity in the years before
World War I, as “America’s Greatest Carnival Meditator”, a distinction he succeeded in parleying into a marginal livelihood as a travelling attention artist and huckster – therapist of modern distraction.

Was he associated with the Order of the Third Bird (or related communities of ritually-oriented devotees of practical aesthesis)? There are reasons to believe he was.

ESAR (SER): estarser.net

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Chalet Society Presents
Les Grands Transparents. In practice,
in a special collaboration with Family Business

Family Business is a non-for-profit space, a free time-share, open to experimentation and irreverent exhibition formats, initiated by Maurizio Cattelan and Massimiliano Gioni and powered by the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College, USA.


A guest + a host = a ghost. Nadja Argyropoulou
Is the Family Business guest (or ghost) curator.

Family Business was until recently operating
in New York. It has disappeared from its Chelsea space and has been conjured in Paris, emerging from the crypt situated in the alley of the Chalet Society.

Responding to Marc Olivier Wahler’s curatorial flair for tricks and treats and in conjunction with Jim Shaw ‘s vertiginous collection on view at the Chalet Society, Family Business is inviting entities, people, practices for a program under the general title: Les Grands Transparents. In Practice,