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Opsound uses the form of an experimental record label and open sound pool to explore the idea of social architecture as artwork. It is a kind of laboratory for looking at how artists can release music in a manner synergistic with the internet’s capacity to encourage communication and sharing. Opsound explores the possibilities of developing a gift economy among musicians, borrowing from the model of the open source software community.

Anyone is invited to contribute their sounds to the open pool using a copyleft license. Work in the open pool is available to be listened to, reconfigured, recombined & remixed, and also released by Opsound (and other) microlabels both on the internet and in the physical world.


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Opsound has been shown at Beurofreidrich’s Open arch, collaborating with Rocket Shop on the 5 day festival, Launch Option: Berlin, 2003. Opsound was also part of Glowlab’s Open Lab at Art Interactive and the entire Opsound pool was streamed throughout the Palais de Tokyo in Paris as part of their Tokyo Ozone/Tokyo Radio project.