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& Drift

& Drift is an ambient novel in multiple voices, written on Twitter. As an ambient novel, it is intended to be read in isolated fragments, seen randomly by ordinary social media followers, but also as an evolving narrative, gathered together in linear form. & Drift begins with a death, and follows the unnamed protagonist as she travels between locations in a flashing series of cities, towns, landscapes, airports, trains, and subway platforms. She moves and stands in the sublime and unceasing deluge of information and image exemplified by the novel’s primary habitat, Twitter. Internal voices interweave: aphoristic thoughts, cinematic observations, sound scores, photographs, quotations, letters, lists, narrative turns. What could such a protagonist want, other than everything? What could resist her wanting but the entire world? The protagonist’s ear is tuned to the station of the world in a simultaneous state of desire and impossibility. Still in process, elements of & Drift have been presented as sound performance and exhibited as an artist’s book.

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& Drift on Twitter

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& Drift has been presented at WordHack at Babycastles, and as a sound performance at Calico Gallery.