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A series of instructional works in pdf format created for Timeline, an exhibition of downloadable A4 pages appearing in episodes over the course of six months.

Download pdf files:

Recipe 01

Recipe 02

Recipe 03

Recipe 04

Recipe 05

Recipe 06

“Recipe” is a series of six recipes exploring the junctions between instructional art, cooking, and computing algorithms as they relate to the ideas of the gift and the host, property (intellectual and otherwise) and sharing. The recipes are intended to be participatory—instructions each recipient can make real. The word recipe, both in English and French (recette) has historical ties both to medical prescriptions and to receiving and receipts. Participatory algorithms are shared forms made specific by and for each individual (in the manner of a prescription). In relation to art, they lie at the junction of narrative (the story of an artwork) and instruction (procedure and process). In the mode of cuisine, they evoke food as a gift, as an opportunity for an experience between people. The linguistic matrix also includes the ideas of transmission and communication (as in radio receivers)—recipes, like art narratives are a way that ideas can be sent from one person to another, or one to many. Recipes ask the question: what is common in our experience when the recipe is made new each time? When I read the recipe, what can I know about what you have eaten, or will eat, what you have done, or will do? Taken together, the recipes will become elements of a larger recipe or instruction which has the potential to be enacted by one or many, a kind of narrative in the the collective mode and future (or conditional) tense.

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Recipe was part of Timeline, an online show of PDF artworks (no longer online) produced by Window42 and The Store, as well as Timeline Vol 2 exhibited at Bétonsalon in Paris.